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18 February 2018 13:1

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Analysis of behaviours in the Silver Care and Rescue System – SilverCRS

Registered users of the Silver Care and Rescue System – SilverCRS can enjoy a group of services whose purpose is to register indicators as well as control and signal deviant or critical situations.

Information supplied to the system is provided by a set of simple devices, which in no way affect the privacy of the patient while at the same time allow the analysis of behaviour.

The concept of the system is based on the examination of data and determining whether the information received does not significantly differ from normative indicators.

The simplest device is the identifier.

It’s the size of a pendant or brooch and is equipped with a motion-detecting sensor. The identifier should be carried with you as a necklace, brooch, band or in your pocket. The device regularly sends data on any change of location, and presence signal. It can also be placed, for example, on a door or refrigerator to record how long they have been open. The device uses Bluetooth technology and, therefore, the range of the device is limited to the person’s apartment.

The SiDLY band is a more advanced medical device.

It should be worn like a wristwatch. It collects more useful data, such as heart rate, body and air temperature, number of steps, falls, location, and presence signal. In addition, the band has an SOS emergency button and a module reminding the wearer to take medication. This device uses GSM technology for communication and localisation. The operating range is limited by access to a cellular network.

The following device is a video analysis system based on a camera which collects data on the movement of people in the apartment.

Behavioural analysis is created by examining defined zones, i.e. room boundaries (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, hallway, and entry points). The camera can also provide the caregiver with a video image.

The types of devices described above may collect data either in conjunction or separately. Each of the above devices provides valuable information that is then processed by the behaviour-monitoring system.