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18 February 2018 13:1

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Methodology of behavioural analysis

The principle of SOS signalling, in other words emergency and critical situations

  1. The source data is collected by the identifier, armband as well as the video analysis system
  2. Cyclical nature of transmitted data occurs at 30 second intervals
  3. The information finds its way to the Nasz Senior data warehouse and into source tables
  4. At this stage, the data is transmitted to the control indicators
  5. After calculating the values it is transmitted to the Nasz Senior data warehouse and into the indicator tables
  6. From the moment of their creation, the indicators are compared with behavioural standards as well as, population-based standards and medical standards
  7. Caregivers or administrators define critical thresholds – SOS signalling
  8. Exceeding of critical thresholds results in alerts – SOS signalling

The analytical part of the SilverCRS system operates based on a routine process. The data is transmitted to the data warehouse, where it is transformed into a set of several dozens of control indicators and is then archived. The system is equipped with comparative indicator groups, which constitute a behavioural standard for different groups of people. Irrespective of this, the source data independently constructs a model of the monitored person’s behaviour. Thanks to this solution, the continuously flowing information is compared with general and individual standards.

In the administration panel, the system user selects and created parameters for the conditions that exceed the standards and the expected actions to be carried out by the automatic module.

The Silver Care and Rescue System – SilverCRS makes it easy to define the user’s profile and alerts, for example in situations when the monitored person gets up during the night to go to the toilet or kitchen. To handle this type of task, all that is needed is the indicator and the information obtained which is recorded for the purposes of reports or for SOS signalling, which is immediately sent in the form of an SMS or email.